What Makes You Happy – Travelling, Comedy & Friendships

It’s a beastly beast.
-It’s a beast. It just means…
-Testosterone! Okay, to make this real… “Cause you must be like, ‘What is this
mind-blowing content? It can’t be real.” So, you choose a topic. Madam. That’s not the one I paid you to take. Shit
-To your personality… I can read. That’s fine. I can read it. ‘Cause she’s like, “He must be retarded.” He must be. This show is called ‘Influencers on superbike
going to get tea.’ Influencers. Sweet, okay, ’cause the opening
shot is from home. Too much.
Doing all these shots and all. What’s up / Sir.
-He’s like,”Hey…” Next time Breezer Vivid When I did…
-Remember…if it happens take me… It’s me, Abish.
-Oh, God! I knew it! Oh, you came on your Vespa. No. That’s not my Vespa. Kenny his Vespa is red in colour. Is this yours? I know. I’m so dumb. What?
-Your Vespa is red. Yeah. But, he won’t know. Kenny could not sleep in New York
because I was snoring so much. We were there for Breezer Vivid. And there was a point in time where
Kenny’s on my right and I’m on my left. And Kenny’s not able to sleep. And from here,
I turned towards Kenny’s ears. And he said these words. No brother, please. You… please. And I was like, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.”
-Honestly. I turned around. There’s a…
There’s no joy like finding parking right outside the venue.
-Oh, fair enough. That’s why, would you ever
buy a car? You know, the thing is
if I get kids… I’ll 100% get a car. If you have… get kids. I mean, no, okay…
-Have kids is the word. I have my own childrens…
Childrens. I will 100% have a car. Saying things like,
“Okay, is everybody inside?” Guys, just buckle up.
-Oh. You just want to say that.
-Yeah. That’s the thing… just yes, that.
-‘Cause I want that. Thank you.
-Follow us. I’ll have… of course, I’ll have tea. ‘Cause he’s lame. Can you give me the original beverage. I’ll tell you what… I know what you’ll have.
-Black… Black coffee. My friend… Guys, this is Sudeep who runs the place. Yeah. Hey, bro. What’s up? Bro. Are you going? Yes. Yeah.
-Let’s sit together. Yeah, this is nice. And now, we will set up camera.
So, we’ll lose five minutes. Yes, you can give lame juice here. And, you can give… real human being…
-Lame juice? Beverage. Cutting tea… cutting coffee. So, I know Abish very well because I have travelled with him for three seasons of Breezer Vivid.
-Yeah. I have toured with him with A+K. Still trying to see how stable
Kenny’s hands are gonna be. Stability… No, no, no! We’ve stayed in more hotel rooms together
-Yeah. so, I know a couple of things about Anish. My relationship with travel has been I… imagine this. I’m a immovable…
unmovable… Immovable.
-Yeah. Immovable. Either of the words. Sorry.
-Yeah. Immovable.
-Immovable object. You have to put immense amount
of force for it to move. So, the only way I like to travel is if I’m traveling with someone. Yeah.
-If I’m traveling alone You can put me next to the Alps
in a hotel room… -Same here. I’ll still switch on the TV
or keep watching stuff on my laptop. I won’t move.
-Yeah. That’s why, when I’m traveling if I’m traveling with a friend,
I’m using that friend’s equal energy or if there is a camera involved then I will force myself
to go outside and shoot. ‘Cause my… I’m like, ‘I don’t want to enjoy,
I want to show you how much I’m enjoying. Just shuffle it a little bit. How boring is your life
that you’re not shuffling? Come on. Come on, yeah.
Live a little, buddy. Live a little. Nice. Wow, he still…
He hates me more. After I threw energy at you. That’s never happened. It’s never like you go to a child
like, “Hey”‘ And the child’s like… The child livens up. When you say, “Hey”,
he’s like, “Hey!” But, you’re the opposite.
You suck it and then throw it back. Like some evil super villain
from Vashi. Do you know why I like the Tonight Show? I’ll tell you why I like the Tonight Show. It comes back to the Tonight Show. It’s because the Tonight Show has…
-Oh, makes sense. two elements of the things
that I like the most in one. Number one: Live audience
that you can perform to. Number two: It’s broadcast to an audience. It is edited.
It is a piece of a show. Yeah.
-That’s why I like… I’m doing Son of Abish. Because it has the live audience that keeps…
gives me the live fulfillment and also I know that
it’s going to go out as a show which gives me the content fulfillment. A, it’s such a blessing
to know what you want. It’s so consistent with you that even at 50,
if you’re saying the same thing. Yeah.
-That’s amazing man, like… It breaks my heart when I meet people
who don’t know what they want to do. Or they’re not lucky enough
to have the opportunity to try it. But, that also changes. Like, I was very
hard core about… Stand up. When I was younger… That I want to be the best stand-up comedian. I don’t have that thing anymore
’cause I think that’s impossible. But, I know that
I can’t stop doing stand-up. At 50, if there’s one thing I can do It has to be stand-up.
-It has to be stand-up. Which is the same thing…
which is the live audience. It’s alive, dude.
Like it’s organic. Organic, yeah. It’s so fulfilling that I think
on the worst day sometimes I regret, “Oh fuck,
I have to do stand-up today.” But, then you go on stage and then, for that moment
you are happy and everything’s great.
You come back and go like, “Shit!” “I’ve to come back to my life.” I mean, it’s not so bad also,
I’m just saying. Yeah.
-That it’s so great to have something like that. And I meet people
who don’t have that and I just wish they could
fucking find it. Last one. Wait. Okay, there’s a small girl in the corner. I freaked out for a second. Holy fuck. If you did this to me in my house,
I would’ve… I mean, I’m having dinner alone. I’d see you… what the fuck! Are you done? I will not make eye contact ’cause
I want to sleep peacefully today. Guys, there’s a chit floating. What’s going on? I just took it out of thin air.
Did anyone see it? If farts had colour… I’m sorry. Is this arranged
according to my IQ? What’s…?
These guys got Mumbai Paradox. I got ‘If farts had colour’. See Kenny, is a kid. So, it’s a miracle if he can read. Okay, I think we’re good. Yeah. I think we’re good.

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