11 thoughts on “What to pack for Small Trips||Things to Remember When Travelling with Kids||Ep:246

  1. Useful tips… njagal muscatil ane.. evide varuvanekil parayane. Othiri agraham und veenayem kuttikalem kanan. Evide varuvanekil medicine njan thannolam. Njan pharmacist ayit work cheyyuva evide

  2. Chechi,
    Nammude naatilnn dubailott varumbo kond varenda important saadhanangal nthoke aahnunn onn paranj tharuo plz..Njan november l angot varaan plan inde..athaatto.
    (Chechide etho oru video l ntho short aayi kaanikkanath njn kandirunnu. Bt ipo search cheythit kaanaanilla🙁) plz help me chechi

  3. Ur awesome Chechi
    Very thank u for this video
    We r going for a Europe trip
    Just checked for packing tips
    This is the one which Is very usefull to me
    Love u so much chechii😍

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