Whiplash Amazing Final Performance (Caravan) (Part 1) | Whiplash (2014) | 1080p HD

Uh… Now we’re going to slow it down a little bit I’m guessing most of you folks have heard *Cymbal crash and drum intro plays* *what is he doing* I’ll cue you in. “Caravan” Three, four *Bass plays* *Mouths* “Fuck you” *Piano plays* *Cue the brass* *Saxes play and now the whole band plays* I will gouge out your motherfucking eyes *CRASH* *Now enjoy the concert* *Trombone solo* *Wait* *Is Fletcher actually jamming to the performance?* *Is that a smile???* *Yep*

100 thoughts on “Whiplash Amazing Final Performance (Caravan) (Part 1) | Whiplash (2014) | 1080p HD

  1. Given the extent that Fletcher uses homosexual slurs to all his male students, I predict that he’s actually a closeted homosexual and takes out his self hatred on the band.

  2. So, the whole movie he had a problem with his time keeping. But here he just goes off and plays a free form solo and suddenly the teacher feels he's learned his lesson. Yeah, okay.

  3. I’ve been watching maybe 2 minutes worth of scenes from this movie and my heart is already racing and my legs are shaking.

  4. Can’t believe that there are still people that believe that drums are the easiest instrument to play after watching this

  5. If somebody ask me what the music means to me, I allways advice them to see this mive for understanding. ❤

  6. Drums come thundering into the silence.. Blood, sweat, soul, rhythm, love, hate, good and bad.. Malevolence, benevolence, introspection… Darkness. Light.
    Ups and downs. Lows and highs..
    Slowed to a crawl and taken over by a rythem which is a philosophical and revolutionary statement delivered at the limits of human capacity.. As if the cosmos started, ended, and revolved around the drums becoming a binary star universe inhabited by musical genius and instruments.. Lyrics, poems, songs, suicide letters, divorce papers, a dr John letter… An eviction notice…
    Chain Smoking. Whine-o. Alcoholic. Weed smoking, pill crushing snorting….. Cocaine rushing through a dollar bill circulating through a a heart beating through the shirt into fills and rolls.. Rides and crashes.. Bass slappiin A Group becomes one till the virtuoso separates himself from common people being such a person is a rarity of rarities… The eyes that watch you succeed watch you crash…
    Tolerance. Immunity to small quantities of anything….b loneliness allows the needle to whisper its way in…
    Flecther type flawed teachers, parents, priests, police, probation officer, parole officer… A shell shocked soul due to creul tutelage set the inevitable charlie Parker supernova…
    Alone. Dead. A Needle sticking out of the arm of a corpse
    Blue lips.. Rigamortis stiff…
    The burden of genius boarding apon madness….. Everywhere everything and everyone is poisoned, employeed by, subservient to, and/or run by dishonesty, immorality, lust, betrayal, infidelity, treachery deception, immortality, war crimes, war criminals.. Human trafficking.. Murder. Chemical prescription enslavement turning medicine and psychopathy into nothing more than men and women writing prescriptions… IN AN INTERVIEW from some magazine I read that Keith Richards has a
    Vicodin screwdriver breakfast everyday…
    An ink pen daggered into dirt 12 gauge..
    Details only silent empty rooms will know.. The geniuses and the Geniuses amongst the geniuses transcribe and express the human soul… Traversing seemingly insurmountable uncrossable barriers, prejudices, differences, socioeconomical statuses and/or differential association…

  7. J.K´s performance is simply amazing… His passion and obsession for music is stronger than his own anger… the way his whole body language changes during the scene is fabulous. Outstanding performance

  8. Just getting back to drumming after years. Recorded a warmup. Looking for viewers to watch me as I practice and improve. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ADhZj-R8Yc

  9. Gotta, just gotta, love the way he reverse RF's that prick, played to perfection by JK. At 3:11, he's just along for the ride, completely lost control.

  10. Legendary debate about the definition of a solo in the comments of this video. It's been going on for a full month, holy shit.

  11. Bence bu aptalca filmi beğenenler, davulculuktan, keza müzisyenlikten hiç bir bok anlamayan, sahilde ‘’am’’ basarak gitar çaldığını zanneden ahmaklardan başkaları değildirler. Zira film tam bir Hollywood saçmalığıdır. Bu filmi göklere çıkartıp yücelten gerizekalılar, davul çalabildiğini falan düşünmesin. Önce yıllarınızı verin amına koduklarım!!!!

  12. Aight for @pukeylukey199 why not check out Oxford Music Online. It clearly says that solo can be "a piece for one melody instrument with accompaniment." You don't go to ordinary dictionaries that are too broad to give a detailed definition of a music term that actually encompasses several different meanings under various contexts.

  13. The solo drum at the end is soooo sic and coooooool!!!!🔥😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍

  14. I'm a F Horn player so I don't know if its a cello that he ques in at the start of Caravan but it sounds beautiful to me!

  15. Gives me the chills every dang time. One of the best filmaking sequences of mordern cinema. A crowining achivement for the portrayal of the devotion of music in movies. This movie can't get enough praise. There should be more like this tbh because music is beautiful and very complimentary with the movie format.

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  17. There is only two levels of living in this world: Survival (lower level) and Art (higher level)… Unfortunately, only a fraction of people ever notice Art, which is symbolized by Fletcher's "I'll gauge out your motherfucking eyes", even though this is just Fletcher's twisted technique to keep Andrew making the supreme art, but it also represents society's view on artists of any kind, which is "You're a slave. Work for us!" That to ME is an absolute tragedy! In comparison to this, the words "good job" don't do much harm at all.

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