100 thoughts on “You must eat this! It’s Grilled Tuna Jaw! [Battle Trip/2018.09.02]

  1. Oh gosh i really feel hungry while watching these beautiful ladies 😘😘 thank you for visiting our home town welcome you to come always 🤗

  2. Alimango is never a rare seafood in the philippines, and pickpockets are not always common especially in cebu since people there are very nice and diciplined they’re making it look like taking public transpo is a very dangerous thing in the philippines

  3. Calamansi must be mixed first with soy sauce and dip the tuna jaw. Do not directly put the CALAMANSI into the tuna meat jaw..

  4. calamansi shouldn't put directly into meat I wish the server tought u the right dipping sauce for tuna panga using calamansi will even taste better.

  5. Sana mawala na ang terorista,kriminal,adik etc sa Pinas,para marami pa lalo ang mga turistang pupunta sa bansa natin. Lalago lalo ang turismo. Posible pang dumami ang mga investors.

    Daming pasaway na Pinoy:(

  6. Its funny when they use alimango or kalamansi in sub. Where in fact they can use the english term of it. But i like it. I like how they appreciate the foods in Cebu.

  7. Me i'm from cebu city my place is very near in Crownd Regency that building but i never ride that coaster heheh.! Even if free ride thanks.!!! Heheh.!!!

  8. Yes, tuna panga IS the best!!! You get a big piece of fleshy, fatty, juicy tuna for a really good price!! Even I am shocked we got so much for only 250 pesos (5$)

  9. pickpocketers are not just in the Philippines but in all countries as well. So as a traveler it's your job to be wise and street smart.

  10. The best way to eat grilled panga is by dipping it in soy sauce with crushed chili, and calamansi. You can add chopped onion and garlic if you like.

  11. If there will be a next battle trip in Cebu, if you want to see the panorama of the city with the city lights, I highly recommend TOPS of Cebu or Mountain View in Busay

  12. It's sad that they didn't get to ride a jeepney. Are the robbers really going to do that knowing that they'll be on camera? Lol

  13. I laughed when they they put directly the calamsi juice at the tuna meat😁 calamansi is supposed to go wth the soy sauce and chili when you wnt spicy,, all together we call it "sawsawan"(calamansi, soy sauce, chili) . You'll enjoy your meal more,

  14. Panga is delicious especially if its so fat. Thin panga isnt that delicious tho it is usually dry. So I strongly recommend fresh and fatty panga(Grilled Tuna Jaw) and for the sauce I recommend Soy sauce with Vinegar and onions, you can also add tomato and most especially Calamansi. I dont recommend putting calamansi directly to the panga.

  15. lol they refused using the local transpo but to say filipinos are very hospitable to tourist and you won’t experience pickpocket that’s how we treat the tourists in our country and we want them to enjoy and be happy.

  16. Dito sa nicosia, cyprus libre lng ang ulo ng tuna (kasama ang panga syempre) basta may kakilala kang nagtatrabaho sa mga restaurant. Tinatapon lng kasi nila dito un, kaya ginagawa ng mga pinoy na chef ay pinamimigay nila sa mga kakilala nilang pinoy.

  17. Battle trip try to go in bicol province I'm sure u will said ur in boracay..u can go to mayon volcano also…just try it…

  18. They were scammed by the taxi driver i think. 250 is too much to ask, they might’ve went circles in the city with that price.

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