Your New Student Journey: Welcome to CU-Boulder.

You are about the begin a remarkable journey…
and I can’t tell you exactly what it will be like.
(Natural Sound: What’s really cool and exciting here…)
In the next few years… at the University of Colorado Boulder… you may enter the science
lab and also the dance studio. (Sound of tap dancing)
Or you may take a different path entirely. That’s the point of a college education.
It’s when you decide the path you will follow.
Rarely in your life will you be presented with so many opportunities… for
academic inquiry, new experiences, and meeting new people.
(Natural sound: Alright, Thank you!) Rarely will you have the chance to expand
your knowledge, challenge yourself, and find your
place in such a dynamic and supportive community.
Now is your time to begin. Prepare yourself by exploring all our university has to offer.
Work closely with your advisers and enroll in your first set of
classes. And take advantage of our wealth of student
resources that will help keep you happy and successful as a valued member of our world-class
university. Although you will choose your own path at CU-Boulder you will never be alone. We’re here to support you every step of the way. We’re excited for you to get started.

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